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Weatherskin Warranties

We are thrilled to know you are considering Weatherskin products for your next project! The team at Weatherskin will guide you step-by-step through the warranty application process. Weatherskin offers both material only, and labor plus material warranties. “Material Warranties” cover the cost of replacement Weatherskin materials, and “Labor plus Material Warranties” cover both the Weatherskin material and the labor it takes to do a repair.

Different warranty life terms and labor applications have a variety of specifications to follow in order to achieve the full warranty. Once we know what project you are planning to do, and which specific products you’re planning on using, we can offer you a variety of options. Keep in mind, many companies and contractors (such as coating installers) offer third-party warranties separate from Weatherskin warranties that are often included in their services or costs. It is always recommended to ask your coating installer if you are supplied a workmanship-guarantee or limited warranty through choosing their services. There’s no harm in asking, and you can potentially avoid paying for a warranty twice!

Please make your selection below, and upon submitting the form, you will get a detailed document outlining the next steps including the Warranty Process, the Warranty Price List, as well as the Intent to Warrant form. We are excited to hear from you and protect your next project!