Eco-Friendly Sanitizer For Work and Home

It is safe to say that sanitizer has taken on a whole new meaning these days. It never been more important to keep your space spotless – protecting your health (and the health of those closest to you) relies on using the right cleaning product to destroy virus’ and bacteria that are invading your living spaces. The new Pharma Room Surface Wash technology does just that – cleans and protects your space so that you can put down your scrub brush and sleep easy.

Now, more than ever, it is important to find a sanitizer that will remove health hazards but also doesn’t create other problems down the road. Using the standard alcohol-based cleaner may seem like the way to go, but excessive hand washing or using too many alcohol-based cleansers over time can actually weaken the top layer of your skin and actually kill useful bacteria. You need to find a product that is going to keep your space clean and healthy.

Residential sanitizer

Throw away harmful alcohol based sanitizers

Eco-Friendly Sanitizing Solution

There is a shortage of good, reliable cleaning products in the retail space. As a society, we have unknowingly been relying too heavily on alcohol or ammonia based sanitizers that can irritate or even damage your skin, eyes, lungs and other important organs.

We specifically developed to deliver an eco-friendly, clean liquid delivery system that is strong enough to easily destroy over 200 bacteria and viral pathogens from hospitals and care facility, but also soft enough to safely use in your home. The Pharma Room Surface Wash is so gentle that it has even been approved for use around immunocompromised people.

A Sanitizer That Leaves No Traces Behind

It wasn’t easy, but we developed The Pharma Room Surface Wash to leave no traces behind. With our product, you can use this medical grade sanitizer to safely clean anything from medical equipment, to fabric and upholstery, all without leaving any streaks or residual film.

This is possible because we have managed to stabilize chlorine dioxide gas capable of destroying germs in 15 seconds, and combine it with deionized water that is completely free of trace elements.  After rigorous testing, we have never found any trace bi-products like minerals left behind after application. This means that spaces that you can disinfect your salon, gym, office, and classroom in seconds between clients.

Quickest Sanitizer On The Market

Looking to sanitize your large public space quickly? When combined with our fogging technology like the backpack or hand-held foggers, you can kill virus’, bacteria, and mold from any surface in minutes. Think of the time and money (time is money after all) that you can save by sanitizing public spaces in minutes instead of the hours it takes with traditional alcohol-based cleansers.

Sanitize fleet vehicles

Use fogging technology to destroy viral pathogens in your fleet vehicles in seconds.

Sanitize Work and Home

Looking to remove dangerous pathogens easily at your work and home? Our sanitizing solution has been picked up by clients and industries around North America. Because of the Pharma Room Surface Wash’s strength, it has been used to kill harmful pathogens in everything from a massive supertanker in New Orleans thanks to Weatherskin Nola to sanitizing fleet vehicles at our headquarters, all the way to residential properties where people are not just killing viruses and bacteria with our eco-friendly pathogen killer, but destroying mold and quickly getting rid of odors in the air at home too. We even heard of some of the contractor crews using it to kill the smell in their work shoes!

The Pharma Room Surface Wash is a simple, safe, and eco-friendly sanitizer, strong enough to kill viral pathogens, yet gentle enough to use in your home even around immunocompromised family members. Get rid of the harsh ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners and order your Pharma Room Surface Wash medical grade sanitizer now!

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