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Weatherskin Has Revolutionized The Eco-Coatings Industry

Weatherskin Commercial Construction

Large scale projects with high demands are where Weatherskin thrives. Our products are cutting edge, versatile, and perform at the highest standards and the commercial construction industry has taken notice. Every day, Weatherskin products are being specified into jobs across North America. It isn’t just new builds that are including Weatherskin, older projects and renovations are using our products as well. Any day that an engineer can cut 100,000 pounds of gravel off a roof and lessen the load on their structure is a good day. Clients can update a facility for hygiene by adding our washable wall system. If a client wants easy to clean, ultra-durable epoxy floors to replace failing tiles in their facility, that’s not a problem.

Trained Weatherskin service divisions, are located in numerous locations throughout North America. They know that safety and proper application is paramount for any job. Because we have such a versatile product line it’s not uncommon for our installers to be bidding on multiple components of new builds or large-scale restoration/renovation projects. Our service division provides their clients the installation warranty and we provide the products and installer warranties. Our service division has found this to be a huge benefit in terms of providing security to their clients. The project managers, project estimators, and prime contractors seem to prefer only having to call one company vs multiple different vendors and applicators.

The commercial development sector in North America is always growing, as is the green building movement. With environmentally sound, LEED approved building projects leading the charge in terms of innovation, it couldn’t be more of an exciting time for a company such as ours. We fit perfectly in line with the requirements that progressive governments and standards organizations are searching for. Our products are being trusted by the US Department of labor, Canadian Food and Drug as well as the Mining Safety & Health (MSHA) organization.

Examples of common commercial construction applications:

  • Wall coatings for government institutions/buildings, hospitals, food processing/handing facilities, vertical farming facilities, restaurants, agricultural facilities, and schools.
  • Exterior wall coatings for prefabricated buildings, modular homes, modular blast trailers, modular class-rooms, facilities/warehouses, foundations and underground super-structures.
  • Roof coatings on various structures including malls, office buildings, commercial reality structures, warehouses, manufacturing facilities
  • Tank coatings for both above and below grade vessels, non-conductive coatings for oil-field and telecoms sectors, magnesium oxide drywall projects and concrete water-proofing on mechanical and concrete mining components.
  • Floor coatings for high machine traffic facilities, production plants, malls, schools, hospitals, air-line hangers and parking lots.
  • Fire-resistant coatings for various applications in multiple industries.



Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on virtually any material, including magnesium board and ICF block.


The lite-weight liquid membrane can be applied directly over asphalt, tar, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, roll out shingles and other membranes.


Weatherskin epoxies have been created to exceed all the demands of modern architects, engineers and designers.

Commercial Construction