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Weatherskin Has Revolutionized The Eco-Coatings Industry

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Weatherskin Coatings has revolutionized the coatings industry both as a product manufacturer and application service for clients. With its superior chemistry, simplified application, eco-friendly qualities and substantially lower price points, Weatherskin offers the absolute best coatings choices available on the North American construction market.

To deliver the perfect final product to both construction clients and wholesale customers, Weatherskin partners with local 
business owners and individuals in each market through the Weatherskin licensee program for entrepreneurs.

By pairing our premium coating products with qualified and reputable local licensee’s through this partnership program, Weatherskin consistently delivers a superior all around experience to clients, servicing such well known global brands and government agencies including:

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The Weatherskin Licensee Partner Package

The Weatherskin Licensee partner program includes all equipment, product, marketing and operational components required to launch a successful coatings applicator and wholesaler business within the licensee’s exclusive territory.

Working closely with the Weatherskin corporate team, licensees assist and benefit from both product sales and installation jobs provided through Weatherskin marketing efforts as well as their own.  Due to Weatherskin’s multipurpose product-line, Weatherskin licensee’s generate profits across a wide array of industry avenues, including:


In 2017 Weatherskin released the revolutionary WSM-2 Below Ground, the high-performance elastomeric membrane that changed the foundation game forever.  Providing an unheard-of soil and compost degradation rate while being certified as a green friendly product Weatherskin WSM-2 Below Ground is the #1 choice for foundations projects providing limitless revenue generating opportunities for Weatherskin licensees.

  • Zero waste compared to bitumen and rubber products
  • Far superior spread rate over standardly used products –
    get more sq./Ft value
  • 100% anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Requires less prep work compared to traditional
    tar/torch application
  • Waterproofing not water-resistant or water-dampening
  • Bonds to virtually any substrate, perfect for ICF block
  • UV friendly, you won’t have to hide the membrane from
    the sun
  • Available in a wide multitude of colors with an even
    paint-like finish

Industrial and Commercial Flooring

Weatherskin WS-107 Polyaspartic was specifically engineered for high traffic flooring projects such as shopping centers, automotive dealerships, sports arenas and factory processing plants.

Designed to withstand wash cycles, high pressure hoses, UV exposure and fluid spills, Weatherskin WS-107 Polyaspartic dries at a faster rate than competing coatings, translating into faster project turnaround time for the licensee as well as a shorter project down-time for the client.


Commercial Roofing

Tested under some of the harshest weather conditions in the western hemisphere, Weatherskin WSM4 & WSM6 were constructed as a reactionary coating with the ability to expand and contract depending on climate.

Providing a massive cost saving advantage to property managers, this versatile, seamless roofing system incorporates a high tensile fabric layer that acts as a blanket/pool liner over your entire roof and parapet walls. This eliminates the need to tear off failing RBM’s(Reinforced Bitumen Membranes), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic), metal panels and asphalt, drastically reducing labor requirements.

Specialty Coatings

Each geographical territory presents unique possibilities and project opportunities guaranteed to keep the Weatherskin licensee busy no matter the season. From oil and gas to industrial mining, new revenue possibilities for a Weatherskin licensee with new lucrative uses for Weatherskin products are developing constantly.


Product Wholesale

The exclusive area product sales rights are the cornerstone of the Weatherskin Licensee Partner Package. By having these exclusive wholesaler rights, Weatherskin licensee’s earn income supplying construction projects of all shapes and sizes. Local customers are forwarded from the Weatherskin online store as well as contracting purchase orders which are provided by the Weatherskin marketing department.

  • No Previous Experience Required
  • Low Initial Investment Requirement (Full Financing Available)
  • Comprehensive Certified Training Program
  • Extensive Marketing and Ongoing Training Support
  • Access to Weatherskin Systems, Processes and Procedures

A National Brand You Can Trust

Weatherskin is on the forefront of the coatings industry, raising the bar for both industry and product quality standards. Because we’re one of the most trusted coatings providers in North America, Weatherskin is accredited by a wide range of 
local and international governing organizations including:

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