Letter from the CEO

We felt in our bones that we were on the precipice of something truly phenomenal when our team designed and trade-marked our first product. It was just three of us at that time. We decided to put everything we had, and then some, into a single 5-gallon pail, complete with a hand-sketched crocodile logo and the name Weatherskin on the side of the bucket. We had no clue just how fast Weatherskin would “take-off” from that moment, or just how much fun would it would be trying to keep up. Since that day, Weatherskin has become synonymous with quality, ingenuity, and the word solution.

Before Weatherskin, we experienced problems daily building custom homes. Now, instead of homes, we build solutions. These solutions are some of today’s best coatings; for commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

It is truly a special time in our industry. With a global movement focussed on developing green technologies for a safer and cleaner future, many out-dated systems and hazardous products are being replaced by green alternatives. There has been a race to see which products can perform at the same level or exceed the industry standards set by their predecessors. There is already a huge shift happening in the market-place occurring that isn’t expected to slow down. Consumers, governments and communities are beginning to realize the benefits of investing in environmentally sound, low-impact construction products. All over the globe, green building initiatives, certified green communities and other eco-friendly developments are coming to life; each one demanding replacements to outdated toxic chemical-based products containing bitumen, oil, plastic and rubber. Volatile organic compounds have become the enemy.

Weatherskin has been fortunate enough to begin to thrive in this new setting. By staying on top of the competition and constantly investing our resources back into our existing and developing product lines, we are confident the Weatherskin brand will be on the forefront of many innovative coating applications moving into 2019. We have several new products launching soon, including a remarkable line of submersible coatings, washable wall systems, some “top-secret projects,” and an anti-graffiti coating that is going to change the industry. 2019 will also mark our expansion from North America to a world-wide market-place, so it is bound to be a busy but amazing year for every member of the Weatherskin family.

We would never have made it this far if it wasn’t for the companies, brands, clients, licensees, co-workers, installers, contractors, and sub-contractors who have trusted us. We may have supplied you with a coating that solved your problems, provided top-quality service you were able to depend on, or maybe we have been assisting to build your business along-side ours. Whatever the relationship, it has been my privilege to work alongside you. Truly, I thank you all for everything and appreciate all that you have contributed.

It looks like the ride is just now getting started…so stick around, hold on and enjoy the journey!

-Brandon Carbol
CEO, Weatherskin Corporation

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