Weatherskin Case Studies

Coatings in Action

Metal Roof Case Study – Brewery

This brewery needed a solution for the multitude of failures on its metal roof. The galvanized metal was wearing down, the roof was absorbing massive heat from the sun which was negatively affecting the building’s cooling costs.

Roofing Case Study – Public School

The stress load from the gravel and the constant leaking due to ponding water and poorly protected scuppers/terminations signified a complete tear-off which would be an enormous cost and inconvenience to a school with year-round operations.

Washable Room Case Study – Cannabis Grow Room

This cannabis grow facility needed protection that would last indefinitely. The initial floor coatings which were simply concrete densifier and a clearcoat had already failed only months into production, the room needed to be coated properly to bring it up to compliance with Healtlh & Drug departments.

Flat Roofing Case Study – Multi-Family Home

These residents were not happy. Literal lakes had formed above their and every seam on this SBS roof was a potential failure. The drainage no longer performed properly, the material was buckling, and leaks were occurring.

Epoxy Case Study – Luxury Auto-Body

The existing epoxy product was extremely weak and never meant for this application. Due to poorly prepped floors and poor adhesion, after only 5 months the floor was failing everywhere. Anywhere that heat transfer occurred like under warm tires, or where chemicals were split, the floor had instantly yellowed.

Epoxy Case Study – Auto Dealing Shop

This floor had to been coated by a “professional” that same year. It really is a costly let-down when you’ve put your trust and assets (your building) in the hands of a supposedly reputable brand, company or contractor and they end up using retail grade materials on a commercial/industrial application. Products that might last 2 years if you’re lucky in a residential garage are going to fail almost immediately in commercial applications.

Why Go Green

We understand the importance of conservation and are committed to playing our part by producing and applying products that are environmentally sound. In addition to our eco-friendly product line, WeatherSkin practices green application; our product has almost zero VOC’s and is safe for not only the environment, but also for the people and animals who may come in contact with it.

Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies

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