Are You On The Fireproof Board Train?

Whether you are brand new to the construction industry or you are a seasoned veteran, you may not know about fireproof drywall. It goes by a few names, MGO board, Magnesium Oxide Board or simply fireproof wallboard.

What Is Fireproof Board?

If you are an MGO board champion, you may want to skip over this introduction, but for if you aren’t in the know for this particular type of residential and commercial building material – read on!

At the core, it is magnesium oxide, cement, and fibres mixed together and then cast into panels. This creates a mineral-based panel that performs the same functions as a sheathing board product but with a ton of added benefits, like a certified fireproof rating. If it helps, you can think of regular ol’ drywall as Clark Kent and Magnesium Oxide Board as Superman!

fireproof board

Where Can Fireproof Boards be Used?

The innovative way that these panels were created means that they can be used almost anywhere in residential or commercial building. Think wall panels, flooring, tile backing, soffits, fascia, and as a fireproof board for woodstoves. At the very least, if your home has a wood stove, it should be backed by this innovative building material.

What Are the Benefits of Fireproof Board?

Like the name would suggest, being certified fireproof is one of the major selling features of magnesium oxide board. The added benefits do not stop there.

Moisture/mold/mildew resistance is also the name of the game with fireproof board. It is breathable but it doesn’t break down as quickly when exposed to water as some other building materials. Think water-resistant, not waterproof.

Fireproof board has antimicrobial properties. The boards themselves attract no fungus. This is especially important if you have someone in your family home or business that has breathing issues. During COVID-19, using mold-resistant building products has never been more important to help you sleep at night.

There are even studies that show that fireproof insulation board is impact resistance and that insects like termites just aren’t interested in chowing down. Incredibly helpful when you are in residential or commercial construction.

Where Does Weatherskin Fit In With Fireproof Board?

MGO board producers and builders were having a tough time finding a coating that could stick to the panels, that would also match (or exceed) the anti-microbial, flame resistant, and impact resistant nature of the fireproof wallboard itself. Enter the keen minds from Weatherskin, we saw the industry-wide problem and developed the solution.

fireproof pre-fabricated buidlings

Our Magnesium Oxide Board Coating was developed just for these panels and was designed as a strong bonding primer and fire-rated coating. Our Magnesium Oxide Board Coating was made to last, with a super high UV resistance and industry-leading bonding capabilities.

This coating was tested to stand the test of time on pre-fabricated buildings built with fireproof board that need to stand up to fire, wind, water, and more. If mother nature can throw it at your building, MGO board and our Magnesium Oxide Board Coating together can tough it out for the long haul.

Looking to waterproof your panels with a long-lasting, flexible, and UV resistant coating that will stick to your fireproof board? Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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