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What is Weatherskin

Weatherskin Corporation is positioned to excel in the manufacturing of Eco-Smart Coatings. This corporation and the team personify the ideal chemistry to bring the coatings industry to the next level with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly product lines designed and created to rise to the high standards of today’s environmental needs.

Weatherskin is a performance-driven corporation, with a focus on developing first-class professional relationships with affiliates that are representing the corporation and its uniquely branded products throughout North America.

Weatherskin Products…


Are developed without petroleum or bitumen ingredients which ensures our applicators, clients, and partners have air free of harmful VOC’s.


Our products meet the highest standards and requirements in the most progressive markets across the entire planet.


Are developed to be, and will always be, safe for your family, pets, and the earth we live on. Green products drive us.

We Love Our Clients


Weatherskin Testimonials

  • To Whom it may concern,

    Weatherskin initially came to site to look at our low sloping metal pitched roof on our packaging hall which had been patched for several years in an attempt to stop the leaks. They were incredibly knowledgeable regarding the problems with this type of roof and recommended their 5-layer seam on the 650 seams and 2 coat cover of the 75,000 sqft roof along with a rubberized product to seal the complete gutters. Their work was exceptional, and they were incredibly professional from start to finish, the project was completed on time and to budget.

    They demonstrated their professionalism and were true to their word when after a serious down pour we had a slight leak on the roof and Weatherskin were on site within the hour, they then spent the next day locating and resealing the source of the leak. We were so pleased with the product and service that Weatherskin provided that we had our brewhouse covered with the same system later in the year.

    I would highly recommend Weatherskin’s product and the services they provide and would like to thank them for all their hard work.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mark Barlow
    Mark Barlow Maintenance Manager
  • To whom it may concern:

    It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing this letter to recommend the services of the Weatherskin Corporation.

    Not only do they manufacture outstanding products, but they also do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town.

    They did epoxy flooring at our warehouse as well as the coating of a retaining wall. Everything looked good and the job was done on time.

    We have also recommended them on occasion to our partners and customers. There is always good feedback.

    I am happy to recommend the services of Weatherskin. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Maxim Kryuchkovskyy
    Maxim Kryuchkovskyy CEO, Orbis Group Inc
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference for WeatherSkin. Last year we selected WeatherSkin for four different jobs. These included a new full roof membrane of 15,000 sqft, another of 2,000 sqft and 2 other membrane repair jobs. WeatherSkin provided us with quality workmanship and excellent time frame management on each job. During each of these projects the crews were well supervised, and the sites were superbly cleaned up.

    I have never worked with such a professional and well-organized company before. I felt confident that all safety regulations were being followed as I watched how well they set up the site and how they had their daily safety meetings.

    The quality of the product and its installation has been proven in that i have none of my previous water penetration issues on any of the completed jobs. We also appreciate that the product is ecofriendly. I worked directly with the crew and management and I found their communication with me to be exceptional. Talways knew where we were at with each job.

    Without hesitation, I highly recommend WeatherSkin to any organization. Please feel free to contact me to discuss their performance or to visit our site.


    Kelli Payne
    Kelli Payne Manager of Facilities

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