Turn-Key Package


  • x1 Off Road Trailer with gas hinge lid and rear hatch
  • x1 Deluxe enclosed heated shop trailer w/ tailgate ramp and graphic wrap
  • x5 Pails of (Under-Ground) WeatherSkin Membrane
  • x20 Pails of (Above-Ground) WeatherSkin Membrane
  • x1 1000 square foot roofing kit
  • x1 Complete Interior floor epoxy kit
  • x1 Complete Exterior floor epoxy kit
  • x1 Complete Polyaspartic Epoxy kit
  • x10 2-1/2-inch application brushes
  • x1 2000 PSI ¾ HP Residential Sprayer
  • x1 3000 PSI 1.5 HP Commercial Sprayer
  • x1 3300 PSI 2.3 HP Industrial Sprayer
  • x1 Pantone tint machine complete with tint
  • x1 Industrial grade 5-gallon bucket mixing machine
  • x1 Industrial grade shot blasting machine
  • x1 Commercial grinder
  • x3 50 FT Commercial grade heavy braided application hose
  • x1 Commercial grade generator
  • x3 Hose wrap protector
  • x2 8-inch wire brush
  • x2 Caulking application gun
  • x4 Geo synthetic 6-inch tape roll for foundation crack repair
  • x1 Box of application gloves
  • x10 Protective coveralls
  • x10 Protective goggles
  • x10 Protective glasses
  • x10 Weatherskin promotional Jackets
  • x10 Weatherskin promotional hats
  • x1 Membrane sample board
  • x1 Epoxy sample kit
  • x2 Heavy duty squeegee
  • x50 Squeegee teeth
  • x5 Snap on shoe cleats
  • x2 Extension pole
  • x2 Roller cage
  • x10 Roller sleeves
  • x10 Mixing bucket 1 gallon
  • x10 Mixing bucket 1 litre
  • x1 Commercial mixing drill
  • x2 Mixing drill bit
  • x2 Grinding stone block
  • x2 Tarp


  • (x1) OSHA / COR / SECOR level in-house safety program valued at over $15,000.00!
  • (x1) Brand Identity Guide valued at over $2,500.00!
  • (x1) Comprehensive Marketing Audit on product buyers valued at over $1,500.00!
  • (x1) Comprehensive Marketing Audit on service buyers valued at over $1,500.00!




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