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Weatherskin Elastomeric Coatings

Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on any material, including ICF foundation block!

Everybody wants to be part of the green revolution, but they also want a superior quality product to accompany it; Weatherskin provides both! Whether you want to waterproof your new foundation, fix leaking deficiencies, bring your exterior back to life, or give yourself peace of mind by doing preventative maintenance, we can help!

Our team’s driving focus is to provide our community with the best experience, service, products, and results possible!

We are proud to set a new industry standard of maximum quality waterproofing with minimal environmental impact and look forward to maintaining this commitment with every step we take in the future. Download application chart


Elastomeric Eco-Smart Membranes

Green Eco Friendly

  • Acrylic – Meets LEEDS/USGBC/CAGBC requirements.
  • Low VOC’s.
  • Considered non-hazardous material.
  • Can be shipped and used North America wide.
  • Mild irritant as opposed to hazardous / flammable /
  • explosive / toxic / poisonous / carcinogenic.


  • Smart material that never loses molecular strength between electrons.
  • Is breathable.
  • Expands and contracts as required.

Moisture Protection

  • Water Proof! ….not just Water Resistant.

Made in North America


  • Bonds to all surfaces including: concrete, wood, vinyl, metals, foam, rubber, asphalt, drywall, ceramic.

U.V Protection

  • Less then 1% fade rate yearly.
  • Radiation resistance.

Versus Paint

  • Membrane that’s 10 times thicker.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Available in select finishes!
  • Leaves buildings looking newer for longer and keeps consistent color (no discoloration).
  • Self Priming.
  • Mild irritant as opposed to hazardous / flammable / explosive / toxic / poisonous / carcinogenic.

Versus Other Water-Proof membrane

  • Doesn’t enamelize or shrink.
  • Is a solid color, not semi-transparent, and comes in a variety of colors and bases.
  • Performs both above/below grade.
  • Fills voids and corrects imperfections.
  • This is a final layer visible envelope finish, not something that needs to be hidden by other layers of construction.
  • No petroleum or bitumen additives (better protects your investments).
  • Self Priming.
  • Mild irritant as opposed to hazardous / flammable / explosive / toxic / poisonous / carcinogenic.


  • Encapsulates mold, mildew, asbestos, fungus, algae resistant and bacteria.

Weather Protection

  • Can handle extreme temperature fluctuation while maintaining its molecular stability (smart material).

Fire Rated Available

  • Non Flammable.
  • Resistance Rating of 10.

Excellent Coverage

  • Requires no primer.
  • Light coating over a dark color is possible!

Lifetime Warranty



WeatherSkin Above Ground

WeatherSkin Underground

WeatherSkin Tank And Vessel

WeatherSkin Textured

WeatherSkin Metal Roof Coating


Membrane Data Sheets


Data Sheet | Membrane Series WS M4 (Metal Roof Coating)

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