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WeatherSkin delivers luxury eco-smart products and superior craftsmanship to it’s community. The team at Weatherskin have used this experience and knowledge to develop custom, high quality green products, superior to anything else available on the market today. We are proud to set a new industry standard of maximum quality coatings with minimal environmental impact and look forward to maintaining this commitment with every step we take in the future.

tank spraying
Each of our products go through rigorous testing on-site and in-lab. Our service lab is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. What better place then this could we use as our home-base? We have some of the most extreme temperature variations in the world. It can go from -20 degrees Centigrade to + 20 degrees in a matter of 8 hours. This temperature swing is very hard on most products in construction, but with WeatherSkin, our products are made to beat out the cold and perform just as well at -40C as they do at + 40C. We have put the products through rigorous testing to ensure premium performance. Everything at WeatherSkin is engineered to the highest standards.
Our Products

WeatherSkin Membranes

Application Chart Weatherskin Elastomeric Coatings Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on any material, including ICF foundation block! Everybody wants to be...

epoxy floor

WeatherSkin Epoxy Line

Quality and sophistication that equal elegance, this is the most durable and seamless system available. WeatherSkin’s Eco-Smart epoxy line provides and exceptional value for a high performance, stain resistant,...

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